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How to Make Holiday Entertaining Less Stressful

How to Make Holiday Entertaining Less Stressful

With the holidays upon us I want to share with you 8 tips to make your Holiday Entertaining a little less stressful. Notice I said less stressful…not stress free.

I love having people over for the holidays but I know for me personally if I don’t keep things simple I’ll end up overwhelming and over complicating a beautiful time with my friends and family. To keep my sanity I try to remember the “K.I.S.S. Rule”. That’s right, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Here are some tips that help me keep things in perspective while enjoying the holidays.

Involve family and friends in the planning process for the holidays. This can be done either by scheduling a time to meet and discuss plans or via emails. The point is to include others so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Only clean what’s going to be seen! If no one will be going into your bedroom, guest bedroom, den, etc. then don’t think you have to make them spotless. Concentrate on the rooms your guests will be in and make those your priority.

Set the mood with music. Why do you think stores fill the speakers with music? It sets a mood and makes you linger and spend more time in the store. I feel the same way about using music in my home during the holidays.

Elevate your buffet to new heights. One easy way to elevate your holiday buffet and make it look catered is to add height. This can be done with either cake dishes, tiered stands or plain boxes covered with fabric. Anytime you add dimension to a buffet it makes the food stand out and more appealing to your guests.

Don’t over decorate! Sometimes a simple flower arrangement with seasonal flowers is plenty to convey the holidays and make a statement on your table, buffet and coffee table. If you don’t feel talented enough to make your own arrangement see if a friend or family member can lend their services to creating a beautiful; centerpiece or go to your local florist or grocery store and have some one make one for your event. Sometimes less is more when it comes to entertaining.

Evoke the scents of the season. This can be done with a simmer pot or by using seasonal candles to make your home feel more cozy. Check out the video below for ways to make your home feel cozy.

You don’t have to be Betty Crocker. There is nothing wrong with buying pre-made desserts to serve your guests or if you’re fortunate enough to have someone that loves to bake, have them be the designated baker for your get together.

It doesn’t have to be “Pinterest worthy”. At the end of the day your guests aren’t going to remember your decorations, place settings or even the food. What they’re going to remember is how you made them feel in your home.

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