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DIY Projects You May Want to Leave to the Pros

April 11, 2019 in DIY projects - No Comments

DIY Projects You May Want to Leave to the Pros

April 11, 2019 in DIY projects - No Comments

You should be very proud of yourself for any DIY that you do; it’s such an enjoyable hobby and talent to have and having a go at anything yourself saves you money. However, there are a few things you shouldn’t try to do yourself if you’re a novice, and you should get the experts in:

Painting The Kitchen Cabinets -You might think it’s just like any other painting job, but there’s news for you. The buildup of cooking grease and finger oils on the surfaces make it a different job entirely. You’ll need to do extensive cleaning with a degreasing agent such as diluted TSP and using oil-based paint, fed through a sprayer. This job involves specialized equipment and safety measures that most homeowners don’t realize, so you’re better to get in a skilled painter who knows how to paint cabinets in a timely fashion with beautiful results.

Sink Pipes -Unless you are sure you know where exactly the problem is, dismantling pipes can be risky as pipes are complex and very tricky to reassemble. The pipes under the sink are often close to other plumbing components and machinery, such as dishwashers or waste disposals. So, if you don’t have prior experience with dismantling and reassembling pipes, you better leave it to a plumber.

Installing A Dishwasher -Buying a new dishwasher doesn’t necessarily come with someone to install it, so hiring a professional is definitely worth the extra cost as there’s a lot of moving pieces and it could be more trouble than it’s worth. You might need to drill into a cabinet to make holes for the water lines, position the water and electric lines and hook up the water lines, so it’s best to be handled by a professional.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning -HVAC professionals train for years, before becoming certified to repair air conditioners and other HVAC equipment, so unless you have that kind of training, step away from your unit and put down the wrench. Air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC systems rely on electricity and chemicals — either of which can prove deadly at any time. Cross the wrong wires, and you may electrocute yourself. The refrigerant chemicals used in HVAC systems are dangerous when not handled properly.

Removing Walls -If you’re looking to make a larger space, then you might be thinking that knocking down a wall is the best option, however, before you do anything you need to get a professional in to check that the wall isn’t load bearing. If you damage a load-bearing wall, it could have severe consequences like the ceiling caving in which can cause serious injuries.

Installing New Light Fixtures -Installing new light fixtures to save money may seem like a no-brainer, but you do a lot can go wrong when dealing with electrical. You might forget or not know how to turn off the live power to whatever is being worked on meaning there’s a risk that you might get an electric shock.

Wiring anything incorrectly often leads to even more repairs that are more costly down the road, especially if walls need to be re-opened up to fix the mistake. A mix of low-voltage and higher-voltage electrical products make electrical wiring even more complicated for a DIY job it’s better to leave it to an electrician.

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