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How to Rid Your Environment of Noise Pollution for Better Sleep

March 11, 2019 in body + skin care - No Comments

How to Rid Your Environment of Noise Pollution for Better Sleep

March 11, 2019 in body + skin care - No Comments

There’s almost nothing more reliably conducive to mental and physical problems than to become sleep deprived. More than going without food, more than being stressed, this is the issue that can harm, and will harm people each year. There has been much literature that suggests even ‘paying off’ your sleep debt might not be as effective as originally assumed, and perhaps that is the reason why people must value great sleep above all else.

Dealing with noise pollution when trying to sleep can prevent you from taking care of this. In fact, it can stress you out more, which often leads to being unable to sleep even if the noise stops. There are many issues that could be contributing to this noise pollution. From a spouse snoring, to a new baby keeping you up at irregular hours, to that bar which just opened down the street. All of these require different solutions, but often the most effective are those you enact yourself. With the following efforts, you’re sure to see how:

Deal With The Source -Of course, there might be issues that prevent you from finding a solution straight away. It’s not as if you can have a rational conversation with your baby about how their crying is keeping you up at night, complaining to 911 would be even more ridiculous, and even if you could, a baby should be permitted to cry and express their needs. But of course, if it’s a neighbor playing loud music at night, or a student group that have just moved in across the street and are becoming known for their partying, it can be worthwhile to deal with those issues immediately. Speaking to them rationally, joining with others who are being affected, and potentially teaming with other neighbors can help you overcome those issues. Enough complaints, and authoritative action will be taken. But also, sometimes tolerance is needed. If you cannot overcome the source, you might decide:

Your Own Power-Purchasing ear-plugs can help you shut out any sounds, but it can take a moment or two to become used to hearing your own heartbeat. To get to sleep, reading with gentle music playing or perhaps using a sleep app can help you slowly drift off to sleep with the offending volume drowned out with something better. Purchasing thick sound-muting curtains, or even placing insular foam on the walls of your property can help dim the sound a little.

White Noise -A white noise machine can help you sleep well at night. A solid sound, such as a fan can work too. Over time, our minds are able to drain this noise out. This is the reason why the volume of your vehicle can often be ignored when driving places. It’s the same kind of logic, but here a white noise machine can prevent other noises from reaching your ears.

With these tips, we hope you can tentatively find your way to a much more reliable sleep, night after night.

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