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How to Kill it With Curb Appeal

March 5, 2019 in DIY projects, home decor - No Comments

How to Kill it With Curb Appeal

March 5, 2019 in DIY projects, home decor - No Comments

You may like to think of yourself as an interior design queen, I know I do. You might know the perfect hue of rose pink to go with your touches of gold, you might be aware of how to bounce natural light across your home, and you might have a firm grasp of nifty organizational solutions. However, all of these skills are based on the inside of your home. What about the exterior of your home? You want your home to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Having killer curb appeal means thinking a little outside the box and implementing some awesome curb appeal hacks to turn the heads of passers by.

While your home might be relatively tidy, clean and minimalist, it may need a little maintenance. Homes are regularly painted on the inside, but less so on the outside. The exterior can quickly begin to look dull and drab due to peeling paint and sun-faded shutters. To brighten up the exterior, consider hiring house painters to give your home a refresh. A bright white always looks crisp against a blue sky and will add a cheery appearance to your home. Anything too shocking or gaudy can have the opposite effect and have your home standing out from the crowd for all of the wrong reasons.

Walking up your driveway gives every visitor that you entertain a real sense of the pride you take in your home. If there are weeds coming through cracks in the brickwork, the gravel is scattered across the street, or there are some loose paving slabs ready to trip someone up, this doesn’t create a positive impression. The next time the weather is nice, head outdoors with a weeding spray, tighten any loose paving and stand at the end of your driveway looking towards your house. Is there anything in your view that hinders the look of your home? Store trash cans in a shed or behind a fence and keep the gnomes away from the garden.

When guests finally reach the front of your home, you want them to look forward to coming in. Make sure that your front door is freshly painted, with no cracking or chips and consider a beautiful seasonal wreath to add some warmth. Put some hanging baskets or potted plants next to the front steps to give it a welcoming vibe.

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised just how many people neglect the exterior to their homes. You could have the most uniquely designed interior, and yet your home’s curb appeal is lacking. You need to redress the balance by following this simple steps and implementing these killer curb appeal hacks that all homeowners should possess.

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