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Creating the Perfect First Impression of Your Home

March 2, 2019 in DIY projects, home decor - No Comments

Creating the Perfect First Impression of Your Home

March 2, 2019 in DIY projects, home decor - No Comments

As the first thing that’s seen when you or anyone else enters your home, your front door makes a lasting first impression. However, it’s easy to ignore your front door when you’ve got the inside of your home to focus on. If you’re looking for your next home improvement project, why not make over the front of your home?

Make your front door the perfect gateway to your home with the following tips.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Dress it up with florals

Flowers can make a house feel more like a home, adding color and class to the exterior of your house. You can add flowers by potting some plants around the front of your home, which creates a fantastic impression at the front of your home. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and be sure to water them regularly. Alternatively, you could consider adding a floral wreath to the front of your door – they’re not just for Christmas! If you’re looking for a fun home project, you can make a gorgeous DIY spring wreath that will give a fresh look that will be sure to impress.

Modernize it

When you first move into a new home, the front door will be far down on your priorities list when it comes to renovations. However, your door can age and dull quickly, especially when it’s exposed to the elements. New doors and new windows can instantly transform the front of your home, giving it a more modern look. Get some ideas from Facelift for Homes to see what’s possible with your home. A brand new door will truly complete your home, allowing you to put your own unique stamp on it.

Brighten it up

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color of your front door can bring it back to life as well as add a bit of character. If you want to see the difference a bright splash of paint can make, take a look at some door makeover inspiration to give you some great ideas. Painting your front door is a simple and affordable way of renovating the front of your home, ideal if you’re on a home improvement budget.

Add hardware

Want to add a stylish, sleek touch to your front door? A bit of swanky hardware could be the answer. From a door handle or door number with a luxe finish to a sophisticated window design, there are little extras you can add to your front door that create a beautiful finish. You can find door hardware to suit all kinds of budgets, so shop around to help you get a good deal.
Sometimes the simplest home improvements can be the most effective. Your front door is an easy element to makeover, making the front of your home beautiful from the outside in.

Sometimes, it’s those little details that can make the biggest difference, so when it comes to making improvements in your home, make sure you add those little jobs to the list too.

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