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6 Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

January 13, 2019 in body + skin care, motivation - No Comments

6 Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

January 13, 2019 in body + skin care, motivation - No Comments

It’s the first week of the New Year…the beginning of a new chapter…the year you’re going to totally crush and make your own!! Then why do we feel so tired and unmotivated? The start of a New Year can feel a little weird and overwhelming for some of us and the problem usually lies in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and now that the “rush” is over we’re left feeling a little lost. I have 6 tips to share with you on how to get back on track after the holidays.

How to get back on track

Put away the Crap!

Raise your hand if you’re going into the New Year with Christmas decor. If you’re raising your hand this may be why it’s been hard for you to get on track now that we’re in the New Year. Starting the New Year with a clean slate helps prepare you mentally for a fresh start so set aside some time to pack away all of your holiday decor so you can mentally declutter your mind and physically declutter your space.

Water, Water, Water

Do you know how many calories we consumed over the holiday season? Yea, me neither but I can bet you didn’t snack on carrots and water at your family’s Christmas party! So get your body back on track by drinking water. It is recommended that you should drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Drinking more water will hydrate you and get you to feeling your best in no time.

Cut out sugar

I don’t know about you but the older I get the more I look forward to getting a good night’s sleep. Let’s face it, without the adequate sleep we need we tend not to function at the level we need to get everything done in a day. Our brain stays groggy and we tend to make poor food choices when we’re tired. Try to keep a set sleep schedule and your body and brain will thank you.

You know you ate your weight in sugar over the holidays so try and lay off consuming so much sugar for a while. Now if you have a sweet tooth like I do you may want to limit yourself to having dessert or buying your caramel frappe with extra cream from your favorite coffee shop only once a week. Sometimes totally depriving yourself will only make your cravings worse so try and consumer sugar in moderation.

Do a holiday debriefing

This is something I personally do after the holidays. I write down what worked and what didn’t work concerning the parties we threw and the gifts we bought. I also sit down with Mr. C. and we go over everything we spent on the holidays from Halloween to Christmas. We calculate whether or not we stayed on budget and then we come up with our holiday budget for the next year and start saving starting on Jan. 1st. This is very cathartic and gives me a bigger picture on whether or not I set my expectations too high or too low for the holidays and how I can better prepare for next year.

Plan the week ahead

And the last step to getting back on track after the holidays is to plan your week ahead. There is no better feeling than to write out your week on a Sunday and know you have a plan for the rest of the week. I love sitting down on a Sunday night with a cup of tea and planning out my days. It makes me feel like I have a win under my belt before the week ever starts.

So these are a few ways I get back on track after a busy holiday. What are some of yours?

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